Welcome New Members: Vero Beach Social Media

Congratulations to our newest members!

Vero Beach Social Media was started by Curtis Carpenter in August 2021. Carpenter spent 5 years in the industry as a partner in another digital marketing firm and decided he wanted to take a stab at running a firm on his own, a firm that focused almost exclusively on social media marketing. Prior to working in digital marketing, Carpenter spent 13 years working in the field of radiology while concurrently, the last 5 years were spent helping local political candidates run for office.

The latter is where he found his interest and passion in marketing, essentially figuring out how to reach more people, with specific interests, for less money. That passion turned into millions of dollars spent on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok advertisements on behalf of hundreds of clients ranging from Vero Beach, Florida to San Francisco, California to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Even though Vero Beach Social Media is in the infancy stages of its inception, they have produced over 20 podcasts with local business owners discussing their business and marketing and they produce a weekly vlog, highlighting the day-in and day-out activities at the firm.

Vero Beach Social Media has 3 employees, Carpenter, Digital Media Director - Andrew Barenborg, and Digital Media Assistant - Ashlee Duval.


For more information, you can find them at and on virtually every social media platform.


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